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Commercial Real Estate trend is changing. Very high demand for smaller space, office, retail for smaller budget. Would you prefer to have a building space of 4000 square feet and seats empty for years? One renter ONLY is less work for your property management to manage, but when it's empty, it means no Money for you and no Money for the property management.

Create a stream of monthly cash flow with eight units and when one tenant leave, you still have the remaining 7 rentals available coming in.

We can offer your a Free Consulting if you are looking for postive cash flow, You make money, We make money and after all we are in the business to make money. Give me a call 393-0324.


Your income properties are an extremely important investment. Chez Christian Real Estate treats them as such and knows how to give them the attention and protection they deserve.

We provide efficient and professional property management which is essential in maintaining your property's value and protecting your investments.

Please fill out the property management services request form on the right if you are in need of management services for your property.

If you are looking for a property to rent/lease please fill out the information on the rental search page and a staff member will email you with the information as soon as possible.

Welcome to Chez Christian Real Estate Property Management.

Listed below are the requirements for applying for a rental

  • Proof of income, last 2 months pays stub or last 2 months bank statement.
  • Monthly salary should equal at least 2.5x rental history
  • Positive rental history
  • No evictions or current rental collections
  • Positive background history
  • Positive credit history
  • Less than 25% derogatory credit
  • Pet Deposit -$250 per pet

$35.00 per applicant over 18 years of old (non refundable) or bring your own report. We need with Equifax, Experian and Trans Union
Half of holding deposit (non-refundable after 72 hours)
*Your holding deposit will be fully applied to the security upon move-in.